ring1 W2S1 [rıŋ] n
3 give somebody a ring
6 have the/a ring of something
7 have a familiar ring
8 run rings around somebody
[Sense: 1-2, 5, 8-11; Origin: Old English hring]
[Sense: 3-4, 6-7; Date: 1500-1600; Origin: RING1]
a piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger
a diamond ring
a plain silver ring
2.) ¦(CIRCLE)¦
a) an object in the shape of a circle
a rubber ring for children to go swimming with
onion rings
a key ring
b) a circular line or mark
ring around
She left a dirty ring around the bath.
ring round BrE
a ring round the moon
c) a group of people or things arranged in a circle
ring of
A ring of armed troops surrounded the building.
The city was overlooked by a ring of high-rise buildings.
3.) give sb a ring
BrE informal to make a telephone call to someone
I'll give you a ring later in the week.
4.) ¦(BELLS)¦
the sound made by a bell or the act of making this sound
a ring at the doorbell
a group of people who illegally control a business or criminal activity
Are you aware that a drugs ring is being operated in the club?
Secret files reveal an Oxford spy ring .
6.) have the/a ring of sth
if a statement or argument has a ring of truth, confidence etc, it seems as if it has this quality
His explanation has the ring of truth.
7.) have a familiar ring
if something has a familiar ring, you feel that you have heard it before
His voice had a strangely familiar ring.
8.) run rings around sb informal
to be able to do something much better than someone else can
I'm sure you can run rings round him.
9.) ¦(COOKING)¦
BrE one of the circular areas on top of a ↑cooker that is heated by gas or electricity
American Equivalent: burner
a gas ring
a) a small square area surrounded by ropes, where people ↑box or ↑wrestle
b) the ring
the sport of ↑boxing
He retired from the ring at 34.
a large circular area surrounded by seats at a ↑circus
ring 2
ring2 W2S1 [rıŋ] v past tense rang [ræŋ] past participle rung [rʌŋ]
4 ring a bell
5 not ring true
6 ring the changes
7 ring hollow
8 ring in your ears
Phrasal verbs
 ring (somebody) back
 ring in
 ring off
 ring out
 ring round (somebody)
 ring up
1.) ¦(BELL)¦
a) [I and T]
to make a bell make a sound, especially to call someone's attention to you or to call someone to help you
I rang the doorbell but no one came.
ring for
The sign said, 'Ring for service'.
Instead of ringing for the maid, she made the tea herself.
if a bell rings, it makes a noise
The bell rang for the end of break.
a) [I and T] [i]BrE
to make a telephone call to someone
= ↑call, phone ↑phone
I was going to ring you but I don't have your number.
ring for
Sally rang for a taxi.
see usage notecall1
if a telephone rings, it makes a sound to show that someone is telephoning you
The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day.
3.) ¦(SOUNDS)¦ [I]
a) if your ears ring, they make a continuous sound that only you can hear, after you have been somewhere very noisy or heard a loud sound
The explosion made our ears ring.
b) [i]literary if a place rings with a sound, it is full of that sound
ring with
The whole room rang with their laughter.
4.) ring a bell informal
if something rings a bell, it reminds you of something, but you cannot remember exactly what it is
Her name rings a bell but I can't remember her face.
5.) not ring true
if something does not ring true, you do not believe it, even though you are not sure why
It was a possible explanation, but it didn't quite ring true.
6.) ring the changes
BrE to make changes to something, not because it needs changing but just in order to make it more interesting, more attractive etc
Choose a variety of foods and ring the changes with meals.
7.) ring hollow
if something that someone says rings hollow, you do not feel that it is true or sincere
Assurances that things have changed ring hollow in many ears.
8.) ring in your ears
if a sound or remark rings in your ears, you continue to remember it very clearly, exactly as it sounded, after it has finished
He left Washington with the president's praises ringing in his ears.
ring () back [ring (sb) back] phr v
to telephone someone again, or to telephone someone because you were not available when they telephoned you
= call (somebody) back
I'll ring back as soon as I find out anything.
John rang, and he wants you to ring him back.
ring in phr v
1.) BrE to telephone the place where you work
Jane's rung in to say she'll be late.
He rang in sick (=telephoned to say he was ill) every morning for a week.
2.) ring in the New Year
to celebrate the beginning of the New Year
ring off phr v
to end a telephone call
→↑hang up
He rang off without giving his name.
ring out phr v
1.) a voice, bell etc that rings out is loud and clear
The sound of a shot rang out.
2.) ring out the Old Year
to celebrate the end of the year
ring round () [ring round (sb)] phr v
to make telephone calls to a group of people, in order to organize something, find out information etc
I'll ring round to see whether anyone's interested in coming with us.
She rang round all the agencies.
ring up phr v
1.) BrE to telephone someone
= call (somebody) up ring sb<=>up
I'll ring the manager up tomorrow.
I rang up and made an appointment.
2.) ring sth<=>up
to press buttons on a ↑cash register to record how much money is being put inside
The cashier rang up £300 by mistake.
ring 3
ring3 past tense and past participle ringed
v [T]
1.) to surround something
Thousands of people ringed the court building to demand the release of Mr Cox.
be ringed with sth
Her eyes were ringed with stiff black lashes.
2.) BrE to draw a circular mark around something
= ↑circle
Ring the mistakes in red.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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